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Arvind Khaire, a specialist in Realistic Self Defence since 1999, has one of the most innovative courses.

Welcome to Safe-T-Guru website. A realistic self defence training, designed specifically keeping in mind street environment and daily confrontations.

Today people from all walks of life and diverse background are taking CTS training. The CTS  training enhances their Confidence, Self-Esteem, Perception of Reality, Personal Defence Skills, Verbal Strategies, and Overall Safety.

All those who want to take up our system, good luck on your journey of realistic self defence training.

Arvind Khaire

Arvind Khaire
  • 'Safe-T-Guru' Arvind Khaire holds a Black Belt in Martial Arts  and is a Renowned Self Defence Expert.
  • Khaire is a professional Safety, Security & Self-Defence Consultant.
  • In the year 2000 he started an organization for women named "Women's Self Defence Foundation”
  • In 2002, he founded Combat Tactical Systems® with his vast expertise and Innovative ideas formulated a practical system of self-defence which could be easily learnt in a short time by anyone.
  • CTS consists of specialized self-defence Training courses for men, senior citizens, kids and law-enforcement officers.
  • Khaire has conducted Self-defence workshops in Mumbai for 40 Visually-Impaired (Blind) Women, who participated and benefited a lot from it. He was invited by the Sightsavers (Bhopal) to provide training to the Master Trainers of Police department followed by self-defence training to Visually Impaired girls. Post Self-Defence trainings, many of these Visually Impaired girls participated at National and International level Blind and Deaf Judo Championships and won Gold, silver and Bronze medals. Self-defence training and  course; Participation at the national level sports has boosted up their self-esteem and level of confidence.
  • Train the Trainer an exclusive Self-defence course conducted in Bhopal for Visually-Impaired Girls.
  • Taught an exclusive Self-defence course in Bangalore for Deaf School Girls, which has boosted up their self-esteem and level of confidence.
  • Conducted an exclusive Self-defence course in Bangalore for Visually-Impaired (Blind) girls.
  • Mr. Khaire has successfully conducted several workshops for women from all walks of life all over India.
  • Workshops and courses conducted for various Schools, Colleges, University, NGO's, Institutes, and Corporates.
  • Appeared in all forms of Media: audio, print and electronic

Media Coverages

Bhopal Training
Bhopal Training
Trained the POLICE TEAM, Bhopal Training imparted to teach self defence to visually impaired girls
Workshop conducted for various topmost corporates on PAN-INDIA basis
Training conducted for NACEN officers (National Academy of Customs Excise & Narcotics)
Workshops conducted for MUMBAI UNIVERSITY (four Districts Levels) and various Schools, Colleges, NGO’s, and Institutes
Training imparted to Lady Officers of Customs, Narcotics, Excise

Book launched by Hon. MP Smt. Supriya Sule

Wome's Self Defence Book

This manual is a basic know-how of how to hit, where to hit & when to hit without using much strength.

Author Safe-T-Guru Arvind Khaire's Self Defence book for Women - English edition

Even though this manual is exclusively written for women, it is one of the best Self-Defence books.

The simpler your technique the better it will work, this is what the author emphasizes in this informative and thought provoking manual.

Author Safe-T-Guru Arvind Khaire's Self Defence book for Women - Marathi edition

This practical manual does not contain any “fancy” techniques-Simplicity is the hallmark of every technique.

Book review of the self defence book ‘Every Woman’s Survival Manual. READ MORE......