Author Safe-T-Guru Arvind Khaire's Self Defence book for Women - English edition

One of the Best Self Defence book for Women

"Every Woman's Survival Manual"

Exclusively Written for Women

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About the Author

Arvind Khaire holds a Black Belt in Martial Arts  and is a Renowned Self Defence Expert.

Khaire is a professional Safety, Security & Self-Defence Consultant.

In the year 2000 he started an organization for women named "Women's Self Defence Foundation”

In 2002, he founded Combat Tactical Systems® with his vast expertise and Innovative ideas formulated a practical system of self-defence which could be easily learnt in a short time by anyone.

CTS consists of specialized self-defence Training courses for men, senior citizens, kids and law-enforcement officers.

"Every Woman's Survival Manual"

Pages: 140
Weight:240 grams
MRP: Rs. 225
US Dollar: $ 5 (Outside India)
Marathi Edition: Rs. 120
  • The Fairer Sex And Self Defence
  • Defend Yourself
  • The Colour Zone Concept
  • Overcoming The Fear-Factor
  • Signs An Attacker Looks For
  • Safeguard Against Rape Aggression
  • Tackling Sexual Harassment
  • Coping With Domestic Violence
  • Outdoor - Surviving The Mean Streets
  • Dealing With The Gate-Crasher, And Self Protection Indoors
  • Vulnerable Targets - Hit Where It Hurts The Most
  • Transform Your Body Into A Devastating Weapons
  • Dynamic Tactical Drills To Improve Your Skills
  • Impregnable Tactics
  • Weapons Of Opportunity
  • Stun And Run Tactics
  • The Final Word
  • About The Author

About the Self Defence Book

This manual is a basic know-how of how to hit, where to hit & when to hit without using much strength.

Author Safe-T-Guru Arvind Khaire's Self Defence book for Women - English edition

Even though this manual is exclusively written for women, it is one of the best Self-Defence books.

The simpler your technique the better it will work, this is what the author emphasizes in this informative and thought provoking manual.

Author Safe-T-Guru Arvind Khaire's Self Defence book for Women - Marathi edition

This practical manual does not contain any “fancy” techniques-Simplicity is the hallmark of every technique.

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