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About Safe-T-Guru

Arvind Khaire, a specialist in Realistic Self Defence since 1999, has one of the most innovative courses.

Welcome to Safe-T-Guru website. A realistic self defence training, designed specifically keeping in mind street environment and daily confrontations.

Today people from all walks of life and diverse background are taking CTS training. The CTS  training enhances their Confidence, Self-Esteem, Perception of Reality, Personal Defence Skills, Verbal Strategies, and Overall Safety.

All those who want to take up our system, good luck on your journey of realistic self-defence training....Read more

Arvind Khaire

Arvind Khaire

Our Self Defence Courses

Don't Take Our Word For It

We specialize in REALISTIC Self Defence techniques. Our participants are coached by seasoned instructors with over 20+ years’ experience.

To ensure individual attention, we limit the group size and repeat exercises so that each participant can practice every move.

Our modules are designed to adapt to individual levels of skills/fitness/strength/ability.

Our concepts and methods are well researched, and regularly assessed by participant feedback for effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. You’ll find that our classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition. Good luck!
It is the biggest question that everyone faces, while joining our self-defense program, whether it is men, women, or children. We want to tell such people that we are the experienced ones and they We have well-trained ,experienced and certified Instructors, who are aware of all the tactics, which are very beneficial for boosting the skills of the individual. So whether you are looking for the beginner level or the expert level training you can always find the best, friendly, and expert teachers.
It is the second question, which arises in everyone’s mind after joining our classes. Always come in comfortable clothes so that it will be easy for you to move and to perform exercise as well. Avoid outfits with hoods, torn, and which are tight as well. This the essential thing that you should keep in mind. All females must tie their hair properly.
We do not offer conventional martial arts training. But you must be fit and fine to join our amazing programs. Your fitness is very much beneficial to improve your self defence skills and improve your techniques wisely.
Yes, we have the team of Instructors who are available for the private self defence classes as well. It is beneficial for all those who want to learn self defence while they are staying at their home. Our defense programs help boost their self defence skills and make them learn to protect themselves during threatening situation.
Safe-T-Guru™ is affiliated to Combat Tactical Association – India (Regd.), which is a non-profit, non commercial reputed registered body having its branches all over India, and it is affiliated with CTS International and representing Combat Tactical Systems - CTS in India.
To get the benefit of our self defence training class, you must register for our self defence program. You can always contact us to have your queries resolved. Our team is always present to address all of your questions related to our programs. We have a well-planned program for everyone, whether it is women, men, or children.
No, we do not participate in or host tournaments since learning to defend yourself is an individualized task, not a competition.
Our self defence classes are always beneficial for people of different age groups. We have different classes for different levels, which means we have separate categories for beginners, intermediate, and experts. It is the primary thing, which makes us the best self defence classes training provider across the region.
It helps boost the self-confidence. Whether you want to feel safe at your office, home, or anywhere else, our classes will always be the best choice for you. After having our self defense classes, you will always feel independent while traveling alone

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