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Let 'Safe-T-Guru' Arvind Khaire visit your faculty / office and hold one of our exciting self defence corporate workshop.

  • 1hr Self Defence Lecture / Demo
  • 3hrs Self Defence Seminar
  • 7hrs Self Defence Workshop

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There is a growing trend in companies to provide their employees with personal safety training in the workplace as part of their corporate well-being initiatives. What a fantastic way for a company to show that it appreciates its staff and cares for their welfare. The course also provides a great opportunity for team building and boosting company morale. We provide a wide range of self defence / personal safety training that can be adapted to the specific needs of each client, including (but not limited to):

1hr Self Defence Lecture / Demo
1hr Self Defence Lecture / Demo
A Self Defence / Personal Safety Talks, Demo, typically a 45-60 minute ‘talk & demo’ about a range of potential self defence / personal safety allowing for interactive Q & A.
3hrs Self Defence Seminar
3hrs Self Defence Seminar
A 3 hours self defence seminar that introduces the many aspects of physical self defence training.

Full-Day workshop
Full-Day workshop
Full day self defence workshops are custom-designed, in collaboration with the clients to meet specific needs, and typically range from a 5/7hrs condensed curriculum to a longer duration.

Empower your women employees to know what to do to save their lives in a life-threatening situation. Workshops teach self defence training that are easy to learn and truly functional regardless of age, size, or physical ability.

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Reasons to Choose CTS Self Defence Workshop

Our team of trainers possess a more than 20 years of self-defence training experience to your self-defence learning experience. They are professionals in the art of REALISTIC self-defence training.

We have literally taught thousands of women how to defend themselves. Many of our most grateful participants have shared their positive learning with us.

How can a women’s self defence training program be so effective? The program is so easy that any woman can learn the program regardless of fitness, body type or confidence level.

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This Workshop will be conducted under the auspices of the Combat Tactical Systems. CTS workshops and courses are a highly specialized self-defence and empowerment programs those are taught by a group of expert instructors. Created to provide effective self-defence for the growing needs of the social environment. Ideal for women of all ages, this workshops and courses will teach all of the basic components- awareness, prevention and physical responses
Yes, we teach both women and men. However, we teach these groups separately and this is done for a couple of reasons. Firstly the patterns of attack tend to be different for males and females: Generally when a male is attacked the attack is usually from the front and invariably does not have a sexual motive compared to an attack on a female by a man which is often from behind and often has a sexual motive. Thus the types of defence techniques taught vary in order to deal with the different attack patterns. Secondly, women tend to feel more comfortable in a group with just women when subjects such as rape and sexual abuse are discussed.However, if a group of men has a small group of women who wish to join the course and vice versa we can discuss tailoring the course.
No, CTS Self-Defence has designed their courses specifically with the everyday person in mind. We base our course content on real-life safety awareness concerns and real-life attack patterns that we have studied over many years. Martial Arts is a sport and a way of life and thus is not always practical when it comes to realistic, effective and easy to remember “street” self-defence techniques.
CTS Self-Defence Instructor will come in and teach at your company. The workshops and courses are usually run during office hours starting first thing in the morning and finishing by lunchtime or starting at lunchtime and ending at around 5:00 o’clock. In some instances, we have started workshops in the afternoon and ended them in the early evening. Thus we are flexible so as to accommodate the most suitable time for your company.
CTS Self-Defence will provide all the necessary training equipment, except PowerPoint projector and (mic if the group is bigger).
A space no bigger than an average sized meeting room. Some of our clients clear a small area in the office canteen. If your company does not have a small space like this then a local hall is often prepared to rent a small studio at reasonable prices. We will be happy to help you find such a venue close to your offices should this be necessary.
Please email khaire.safetguru@ for information on costs.
If you cancel a course more than 4 weeks before the workshop start date, we will refund the amount you have paid.If you cancel within four weeks of the workshop start date, we will refund 50% of your payment.If you cancel within 2 weeks of the workshop, we will refund 25% of your payment.It is not possible to refund any cancellation made less than 7 days made prior to course start date.If we have to cancel a course: CTS Self Defence reserves the right to cancel at any time prior to commencement due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will endeavour to ensure workshops are held on the committed dates and if this is not possible, we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible and any fees received from you will be refunded. Alternatively, you have the option of transferring to the same workshop on an alternative date.
You do not have to be fit or sporty. Self-defence training is a life skill and not a fitness or martial arts class.
Yes please go to our press section on the website or click “press” to go there.
Our full contact details are on the contact section of the website or for ease of reference please e-mail us [email protected] providing us with your name, appropriate contact person, contact telephone number and postal address and we will gladly send out a detailed proposal or please call or Whatsapp – 9819501532.