Instructor Certification Course

CTS will give you the knowledge, training methods and techniques necessary to equip your students for the real world self defence. People who want to learn self-defence want a system that is simple, effective, inexpensive, and most of all, can be learned quickly. Most martial arts schools survive only because of children enrolment. Over the past two decades adult enrolment in self-defence classes has been on the decline because most adults simply do not have the time to devote to a traditional-based system, nor do they want to be physically punished in a sport-based ring. People are no longer buying into the “martial arts subculture,” but just want to know how to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Fortunately, the CTS system is modular. However, you can even sub-divide these modular courses to fit your teaching schedule, and nothing says that you have to give up your current martial arts system. You can incorporate CTS into your own curriculum or teach the system as it is.

To be certified as a CTS Instructor you must successfully complete the course.

  • Once you have completed it you may teach others under the CTS banner.
  •   You will always be listed on the official CTS website as an instructor and you will get the founder, Arvind Khaire’s full endorsement.
  •   When you are certified as a CTS Instructor you’ll be able to use the official   CTS logo.
  •   You’ll also get all of the course outlines and CTS forms necessary to run successful classes.
  •  As a certified instructor, you’ll get discounts on many of our workshops/courses and on books written by the founder, Arvind Khaire.

How The Instructor Certification Training Is Organized 

The CTS Instructor Certification program is organized into these main sections:

  • Introduction: An introduction to CTS Self-Defence.
  • The Core: Everything about what makes CTS so special before we get into the actual teaching components.
  • Orientation: A detailed step-by-step instruction of the CTS Orientation, one of the most important components of a successful CTS program.
  • Teaching Components: The live demos, scenarios, drills, techniques and sound bites you will draw from throughout the CTS training we provide.
  • CTS Programs: You will get an idea, how the various CTS programs like the 12 Week Crash Course and the One Day workshop step by step.

How To Enroll for Instructor Certification

Step One:

First of all, you have to decide where you are with regard to your acquired experience, skills to date and future aspirations. For someone with a brief exposure to martial arts or someone with no martial arts experience, but who wants to know how to stay safe from violence, the choice is an easy one and it will be the Assitant Instructor Certification.

If you are a martial arts instructor who has come up through the traditional route and who feels that more specific self-defence training is required, then the Instructors Certificate will be the route. Equally, you may already be teaching some self defence, but want to formalize your training with a qualification and acquire more knowledge and skills then, again, the Instructor Certificate (Level – I)  is for you.

Step Two:

At the end of this is a Course Application form, which you can complete on line, or download and post.

Step Three:

When we receive the completed form, the Course Director, Arvind Khaire will make contact to discuss your aims and ensure that you have a complete understanding of the course you wish to enrol on and that it is right for you.

Step Four:

When eventually enrolled, you will receive in the post your Course Manual and all course administration documentation. From this point onwards course Units will be emailed, and course projects submitted and reviewed. Dates for personal training will be made available and there will be enough flexibility in these dates so as to ensure no personal training time is lost.