Stree Ani Swarakshan

Stree Ani Swarakshan


Every Woman’s Survival Manual


Book Launching by Hon. MP Smt. Supriya Sule

Book Review

The manual “Every Woman’s Survival Manual” is a unique one in recent times written by renowned self-defence expert Arvind Khaire,  Founder & Course Director of the Combat Tactical Systems (CTS). The manual “Every Woman’s Survival Manual” is a unique one in recent times written by renowned self-defence expert Arvind Khaire,  Founder & Course Director of the Combat Tactical Systems (CTS).This manual is a basic know-how of how to hit, where to hit & when to hit without using much strength. It also imparts strategies of recognizing a prospective attacker by teaching awareness, methods of neutralizing him, by the use of verbal self-defence tactics and as a last resort defending against him for preserving one’s honour and life. Also explained are easy to learn and effectively applied defences from common body grabs and escapes from lying-down positions. Even though this manual is exclusively written for women, it is one of the best Self-Defence books. This practical manual does not contain any “fancy” techniques-Simplicity is the hallmark of every technique. The simpler your technique the better it will work, this is what the author emphasizes in this informative and thought provoking manual on the much neglected subject of our times – Women’s Self-Defence. Full of ‘how-to’ photographs, clear illustrations, easy to follow diagrams and charts, this valuable manual guides the reader step by step towards the pinnacle of Realistic Self-defence, covering topics such as: Colour Zone Concept, Signs an Attacker Looks For, Stun and Run Tactics, Transforming the Body into Weapons, Vulnerable Targets, Verbal Self-Defence, Weapons of Opportunity, etc.Interestingly, the book becomes more comprehensive when Khaire gets into theory. Not only he is well-versed in it, he knows how to project these concepts and how they apply against close encounters. Many of his theories, after careful reading make a great deal of sense regardless of the fighting system one practices, since Khaire’s approach is to practice the tactics you are comfortable with and learn how to apply them effectively, not just physically, but psychologically and verbally as well.Topics such as Fear Management, Building Awareness and Breathing Method are also noteworthy. However, the author has purposely skipped the warm-ups section in this manual as most of the emphasis is directly placed on how to deal with the attacker and get rid of him as soon as possible by using whatever practical means according to the situation.The motive of the author is not to load the reader’s mind with thousands of techniques. Hence he has written this manual in such a way that the reader can create countless techniques on her own adapting them accordingly to her age & body frame in a realistic self-defence situation.More than five years in the making, this book assures to provide innumerable insights to its reader helping her to create defensive strategies for herself, equipping her to fight-back, if necessary! A Manual not for women only, men too will find it necessary to buy it as a ‘Gift Of Safety’ to give someone they love and care for such as mothers, sisters, spouses and daughters for living safely and confidently in today’s times where women need to be their own bodyguards and this manual just teaches you how to be one!

T-Shirt for Rs. 499/- plus postage.


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