The Combat Tactical Systems® (CTS), as the name implies, is wholly and solely focused on self-protective tactics, based on realistic self-defence.


The grouping of the CTS was done with the sole intention of learning, updating, and teaching the science of Reality-Based Training for Actual Violent-Encounters that may occur anytime and anywhere with anybody. Keeping in mind the violent atmosphere during a sudden Actual Violent-Encounter, we at the CTS provide quality instruction that is easy to learn and simple, yet effective to apply.

Along with the Physical Training of Self-Protection Tactical Drills, this explosive combat system also provides valuable instruction on the Biological and Psychological aspects in addition to various strategies that are so essential in an actual fight.

The CTS offers a wide variety of safety training programs and consultations. Each one of these programs can be customised to suit your needs.

The CTS is primarily a tactical system that emphasises on choosing the best response for a particular circumstance. Confrontations occur at different Phases, and the response is dependent on each specific phase.

The CTS comprises of a complete set of Self-Protection skills. We provide prevention strategies to help you avoid problems before they arise. We build your awareness levels to help you identify potential threats and impart preparation drills to make your responses more instinctive. We teach you the most effective tactics to defend yourself against the most common and the most dangerous physical threats.


CTS Motto: “Walk with confidence, not with fear”