12-Week Courses

We offer several types of Courses. Our most popular are the 12-Week Courses “Empowerment” series. We impart training in multifarious methods of Self-Defence suitable for all.



Kid Safe-T is a self-defence course for boys and girls ages 5 – 12. Kids experience the joy of movement while learning important self-defence skills that provide proven and effective life-saving skills to children by teaching them how to defend themselves, with hope, options, and practical skills to RECOGNIZE – AVOID – ESCAPE violence and abuse. Through Kid Safe-T training, children become empowered learning to replace fear, confusion, and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self-esteem. Through this hands-on educational programme, children learn to use their voice, body language and physical strikes to set boundaries and keep themselves safe. Kids have fun and develop confidence in their ability to act on their own behalf. The child feels confident and becomes courageous. We also bring this training to schools and community centres throughout the city.



Women’s Rapid Defence and Empowerment Programme will cover the most common risks faced by women today. An exclusive Workshop and course for women from all walks of life. A lively interactive journey into the Realization of those common mistakes that can get women into trouble, and how to overcome them. This special course culminates in how to effectively deal with potential threats including Verbal Assault, and Sexual-Harassment, avoiding RAPE, and other such violent-encounters which a woman has to face on a daily basis. You will understand how not to “be a victim” and have the “Survival Mindset”. You will learn how to have a positive image of yourself and project your confidence to others. You will be empowered after learning self-defence techniques, designed specifically for women, THAT REALLY WORK!!! What to do in the worst scenario if you find yourself physically attacked and how to use simple and effective strikes to the vulnerable spots of the attacker’s body and how to use the attacker’s strength against himself. You will learn how to become aware of risks and how to reduce or avoid them all together. We thoroughly explain each self-defence technique and give you examples of when to use them. You will become very familiar and comfortable with each self-defence technique and understand the importance of the “Survival Mindset”. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!!! You will have plenty of time to practice your new self-defence techniques as we move you through different scenarios. You will gain an understanding of how and when to apply these self-defence techniques THAT REALLY WORK!





Senior Safe-T is about Senior Citizens being empowered to take reflexive decisions in their responses against criminals or unsafe situations. All the techniques are specially chosen with the elderly in mind.

Everyone of us, at some point of time, is in danger of being physically attacked or robbed. In a majority of cases, the targets are elderly. A majority of senior citizens, especially in the cities, either live alone or are alone most of the time. No wonder then, that newspapers frequently print large headlines about the incidents of senior citizens being assaulted and murdered in their own homes. Don’t ever let this happen to you.
Criminals find elders to be easy victims for their crimes because elders generally do not retaliate and are known to surrender easily. It is, therefore, very important that you learn how to take care of yourself and stun your attacker.

This workshop/course details effective tactics, attributes and strategies that can be easily mastered with some effort irrespective of your age. It demonstrates how to safeguard yourself in these violent times against any type of unwanted attacks, both on the mean streets as well as inside your home.